A young mental patient, Naomi Donnelley, awakens from the coma screaming. Simultaneously, a few miles away, a young man, Mark Kelleher, is involved in a horrendous automobile wreck, dying in a horrible vehicle fire.


A patient wakes up in a mental hospital bed, confused, and cannot remember what happened. The patient awakens alone in the bed, restrained and confused. The patient discovers he is in a mental hospital and with the memories of the young man, Mark, who died in the car wreck, but in the body of the young women, Naomi. Is this what insanity is? Or, was this a miracle?


Mark accepts his new life as Naomi and his new identity. As Naomi, the new heroine rebuilds her life and strives to understand feelings of ‘destiny’ that lead her throughout the story. She tries to come to terms with the odd feelings and confusing turmoil the ‘miracle’ has caused.


After Naomi rebuilds her life and endeavors to meet the destiny she feels driving her, Naomi meets Jesse, an injured war veteran, and a romance ensues. They argue when her sense of destiny leads her into a job as an Army nurse, something Jesse opposes. Jesse refuses to talk about his injuries and experiences in Afghanistan that are behind his opposition. As Jesse worried, Naomi is called to go to war in Afghanistan. Naomi serves with distinction when she refuses an order to leave her severely wounded patients on the battlefield.


Upon return from the war, Naomi and Jesse come to terms with his fears and concerns. They learn their mutual pasts have remarkable coincidences going back to Mark Kelleher, who now lives as Naomi and was, unknown to them before, tied into and key to Jesse’s life. We learn of coincidences in three fiery crashes, repeated heroic acts and a military medical unit that keeps appearing in the life stories of various characters. Coming full circle, we learn that Naomi’s miracle has touched many lives.



Story Synopsis for A New Chance by Kevin E. Ready A New Chance by Kevin E. Ready Print ISBN: 9780943039558 Ebook ISBN:9780943039565 Available in all bookstores and online sites. Distributed by Ingram
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